What’s MonCarnet 2.0 ?

Welcome to the project blog MonCarnet 2.0 (nickname « MC2 »). Through this blog we want to share the development steps of this tool to inform future users.

MC2 is a web application for collecting, harvesting, sharing digital resources (metadata) available online (or being on-line) through metadata repositories using the OAI -PMH protocol. MonCarnet 2.0 will enable researchers and teachers to establish reasoned and annotated lists of digital resources.

Create by Stéphane Pouyllau and Jean-Baptiste Génicot from digital center of CN2SV,  MonCarnet 2.0 is developed with support of TGE ADONIS (tender « Innovative Tools for digital processing to the development and dissemination of data »), the Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie and CNRS.

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